The scope of the AVO-project is to
• strengthen the production of open content with high quality
• train and network the key experts
• create new networks of peer learning for experts of different fields
• develop school as a learning community of practice where teachers and pupils are learners
• generate open and multidimensional learning environment
• proceed media criticism
• strengthen active citizenship and democracy

Operating through national network there are a dozen organizations and tens of experts involved in the project. The main themes are mobile devices, blogs and wikis in learning and interaction, training and education on virtual worlds and online-conferences; piloting social media tools, open source solutions for schools and web-communities as the learning resources for teachers. Essential sub-project is the quality evaluation; how to define criteria for peer-production and open content.
The main outcomes of AVO are new networks and forums to facilitate web2.0-learning culture, handbooks and toolkits for teachers, decision-makers and citizens about social media, patterns for social networking and open content production, roadshows and online-conferences, hands-on workshops and seminars to train users to apply digital tools to their everyday activities.
This ESF-funded project lasts till the end of 2011 and is coordinated by the Association of Finnish eLearning Centre. The project belongs under the scheme of Fostering active citizenship through open learning environments funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education.
The project consortium consists of twelve organizations:
• Häme University of Applied Sciences
• University of Tampere, Faculty of Information Sciences
• Summer University of Häme
• Institute of Otava
• Technology Centre Innopark
• HCI Productions Oy, Ama Auvinen
• University of Art and Design, Medialab
• City of Hämeenlinna
• City of Kotka
• Åbo Akademi University
• Educational Association Citizen’s Forum SKAF
• The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre

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